Using cloud security managed systems brings many inherent benefits, compare to legacy and on-premises solutions, that will impact your business and operations.
The cloud multi-layered design, data security and data access come together seamlessly with added safeguards from the ground up.

Cloud MSM should have at passwords, two Factor Authentication, Encryption and a SSL (Secured Socket Layered) certificate that makes data and data transmissions more secured. All this make cloud-hosted security managed services safe from the ground up. The inherent benefits of cloud SMS are:

  • Each cloud system is issued with a unique password which is the first step in providing a secured solution.
  • A Two Factor Authentication is like a second source of verification similar to the Google Authenticator that generates a code based on a timer or counter therefore predators will need three things to get into the system, the user name, the password and the access to open the device which generates the two-factor authentication.
  • It further protects the transmission of the data between the client and the cloud-based server using modern secured socket layer SSL. This is the same technology used in the credit card data transmission and/or social security information transmissions
  • The cloud is flexible and scalable and fosters business agility. With the cloud there are no servers or appliances in your site. This saves time and money and allows you to future proof yourself from obsolete technology.
  • Daily backups and full redundancy are inherent with true cloud systems. This eliminates the risk of storing data on site and having additional IT staff on site.
  • Avoid the headache of needing IT Staff on site to perform server maintenance since the latest software updates and upgrades are automatically installed, saving you time and resources for maintenance.

Now, ask yourself one question? Are your systems in your premises safe? How many of those systems had failure or required updated in the last 30 days? While this questions remain unanswered, you can still take control of your premises and your systems by implementing Access Control and Web Enabled Surveillance.

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