IoT Bus Stop

Patent Pending No. 52798642

This bus stop will not skip any transits, thanks to the access control systems and IoT technology.  This bus stop is not only equip with solar power and LCD display, but it also has integrated an access control system that will allow the transportation authority to identify and account for all the users on a bus stop.

The bus stop will trigger the designated location in order to notify the transit authority personnel that the location has customers to be pick up.

The bus can notify the driver if any user waiting to be pickup has a disability or is blind.

We can also log potential customers taking the transit, eliminate false positives, and offer security for customers utilizing this transportation with Cameras, lighting, and Emergency call services.

Payment solutions and access control methods for the public can utilize this same technology ; for example those that requires an RFID.

Access Control & IoT

The access control element in the desired location produces output to the display for any transit authority personnel to identify passengers that have RFID authorized cards or devices.    This uses a number on different methods including, but not limited to:  Motion Sensor, Card Reader, and/or a button that is ADA compliance.  The button and motion sensor do not require any transit card for activation.  This system is connected to a WWAN (GSM, 3G/4G) network for constant communication to a cloud based system, but also stored information and functionality locally in case of non-connectivity.

If the battery is charged then if the WAN (3G/4G) is successfully connected a Scan Mode to detect for any access control, display, speaker and/or camera.  Then the display will turn on to notify the said transit authority that the designated area has passengers are waiting to be picked up.

Solar Powered


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The power requirements can be obtained with green energy or utility.  This unit in question can also be powered with a battery backup unit for redundancy capabilities.

LCD Display


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Use to display route information. It is also use to display arrival time estimation and other announcements.

Emergency Call


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Easily call 911 with the emergency call button integrated to this bus stop

Card Reader


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The card reader will allow to identify, count and process payments.



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A camera will be available to record all the necessary activity in the  bus stop.

GPS Module


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The GPS module can be used to track arrival times, departure times, traffic delays, mapping and wayfinding.  This can be either broadcasted over a speaker and/or displayed on a screen.

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